FINN 3003 Personal Financial Management

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Reuters - good for stock analysis

The Wall Street Journal

The Economist

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USA Today - Money Section

"Percents and Sensibility" - personal finance and financial markets in Britain during 18th and 19th centuries

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Perfect life in reality

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Female investors often beat men

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College majors with highest salaries (Business Insider, 2019)

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College majors with highest salaries (, 2019)

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Nor will your job will be like that...

How to hide money from IRS (unsuccessfully)...

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The right way to pick stocks if you believe in market efficiency!

What really happens on E-Trade...

From "The Devil's Financial Dictionary"

Folklore of Finance

5 mistakes that can tank your credit score fast

4 tips to increase your credit score fast

Personal finance in Russia... You may never see your pet again!

How a lying 'social engineer' hacked Wal-Mart (about talking on the phone to people you don't know)

Invest in 401(k) or buy a home?

Why your home is a worse investment than you think

I hear you, but your home is still a lousy investment

A good perspectice on real estate commissions

Delayed gratification - that's what investing is all about!

Delayed gratification - an in-depth article from The New Yorker

Don't Eat the Marshmallow ... Yet

Pink Sheets, the Wild West of Wall Street - that's what "Boiler Room" is all about

A WSJ article about the tough world of short-selling

Lumber Liquidators were exposed by a short-seller!!!

Mutual Funds - Great Industry to Be In! (from The Economist in 2008)

Mutual funds are not any better now than they were in 2008 (from The Economist in 2015)

Investment: Loser's Game (from Financial Times)

Good Investments vs. Good Track Records (from The Economist)

Investing: Nobody Knows Anything!!! (from The Economist)

Jack Bogle - the creator of the first S&P 500 index fund

Peter Lynch - ran Fidelity Magellan (the most sccessfule mutual fund ever)